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Stop Saying These Things at Work

Established professionals in the workplace tend to dislike some of the common phrases that today’s young professionals use, so as much as you can, avoid the below words in your emails and speech patterns.

Meeting Hacks

If you’re finding yourself overwhelmed, lost, or even bored during meetings, here are some ways you can practice active listening and get the most out of your meetings.

Motivate Yourself to Work

There are a couple hacks that will help you to stay motivated to work and stay on track even when you’re feeling lazy, overwhelmed, or generally apathetic.

Instant Confidence Power-ups

No matter how much you practice or prepare, it’s always a little scary to get up in front of people to talk with confidence about either yourself or your presentation.

Healthcare Tech Design

As medtech, biotech, and healthcare software continue to develop, the design has to be familiar, intuitive, and helpful.

Healthcare Cybersecurity

In the modern era, we need to ensure that hospitals are safe from those who want to incite harm and fear into the public.

Give an Engaging Implementations Presentation

As a member of an implementations team, your role in the rollout of new software is crucial — if the people who will be using the software don’t understand how to use it, the software is a huge waste of money for the company and becomes a source of frustration...

Health & Your Teeth

Seeing your dentist twice a year may help you get early diagnoses of diseases curable if caught in early stages, including some cancers.


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