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Rachel Jain, a professional in the healthcare industry, is passionate about delivering high-quality, personalized solutions to meet patient and provider needs.

As a project associate at Athena Health, Rachel works to set up the company’s intuitive medical software solutions within the practices or enterprises of their customers. She is fascinated by the increasingly vital role of technology in healthcare, particularly the use of cloud computing as a means of analyzing big data and hosting patient/physician empowerment tools.

Education and Background

Rachel Jain has been immersed in the healthcare field from a young age. She grew up in Nashville, Tennessee, where she spent her formative years around her family full of doctors, physicians, and even business executives within the healthcare industry. Inspired by their experiences and ready to make an impact of her own, Rachel eventually decided to get involved in the field herself.

She studied Biology at the University of Georgia, where she was part of Kappa Delta Sorority. Rachel Jain was highly active on campus and always sought out opportunities to support nonprofit or humanitarian organizations, such as UGA Miracle. She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in May 2014 and spent the next seven months serving as Recruiting and Events Coordinator for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in Nashville, Tennessee.


Shortly after this, Rachel Jain made her first official foray into the healthcare industry, joining Kemp Orthodontics as an Office Assistant. She was responsible for much of the day-to-day operations that kept the office running smoothly, such as scheduling, data entry, and equipment management. Alongside logistics, another facet of healthcare struck Rachel as equally important (if not even more so): developing and nurturing lasting relationships with patients. Whether she was maintaining general relations or consulting with new patients, she understood that this aspect was crucial to keep business running smoothly and foster trust and understanding between physician and patient.

Much of this mindset carried over to her current Implementations position at Athena Health. In this role, Rachel Jain regularly needs to reconcile her own subject matter expertise with the unique scope and requirements of each client, so that she can deliver a successful overall implementation of software product(s).

Rachel Jain is currently working to expand her knowledge and experience in healthcare, particularly in the dental industry. When she’s not busy training end-users on healthcare technology, Rachel enjoys exercising, spending time with friends, and exploring her surroundings wherever her job sends her.